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The Amber Spyglass - Philip Pullman

His Dark Materials: The Amber Spyglass – By Philip Pullman

The third and final installment in the His Dark Materials trilogy is once again filled with adventure and excitement, as it details the separation of Lyra and Will, whose fates are still inextricably bound. Although separated, their paths are still intertwined, as they both journey to a dark and mysterious land, from which no one has ever returned. The greatest war that there has ever been lies ahead of them, and it is time to choose their side. Will they rebel with Lord Asriel? Or will they fight with the armies that have long been in control? In this final book, we see some key characters that return, like Iorek Byrnison and Serafina Pekkala. This book is the thrilling conclusion to the world-renowned His Dark Materials series, and much like the other two books, it is an engaging and enjoyable read. The adventures of Will and Lyra in this novel are action-packed and exciting, leading to a thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable novel. The third and final book is available to purchase at Moon Lane Books, as are the other two in the fantastic series.

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