Enterprise Education

Enterprise, Literacy and Inclusivity 

Primary enterprise days

Students learn how to put together and present a business model and compete for the chance to setup and run their very own pop-up book fair!


  • We turn up with experienced facilitators and all the resources to run a full-day workshop

  • Students work in teams to put together a brand and business model and present these in a showcase at the end of the day.

  • We come back with the stock for the winning team to run their own pop-up book fair in school.


  • To produce a quality enterprise learning experience.

  • Support reading for pleasure and encourage reading recommendations among students.

  • To promote inclusive reading material for students with which they identify beit through gender; class, ethnicity or family structure.


  • Typically we run this for the whole of year 6 for £600
  • Please get in touch if you're interested as we'd like to see how we can help schools with high numbers of children entitled to Pupil Premium.

  • We know that budgets are tight, so please think about the cross-curricular benefits and consider sharing the cost across subject budgets.

  • All prices include VAT

Pupil Premium

We'll match every £ spent at the final book fair for £ you can spend on books for the school.

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