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Pop-Up Bookshop Enterprise Days


  • Students divide into teams, and learn how to create a brand, plan, put together a pitch, and present a business model to compete for the chance to setup a micro-business and run their very own pop-up bookshop.

  • We turn up with experienced facilitators and all the resources to run a full-day workshop.

  • The students present their pitches in a showcase at the end of the day.

  • Winning teams then run a pop-up bookshop at a later time, turning your school hall in to a vibrant student-run book market. 

  • We come back with the stock for the winning team, so they can sell the actual books that the teams have researched and selected during the enterprise day.

  • The school keeps the profits from the student run pop-up bookshop to use for buying books from the book fair for the school library and book corners.


  • To enhance literacy levels alongside supporting reading for pleasure.

  • To encourage promoting reading and book recommendation sharing among students.

  • To promote inclusive reading material for students with which they can identify, be it through gender, class, ethnicity or family structure.

  • To boost enterprise, entrepreneurial and initiative skills in children.

  • Provide opportunities for children to apply their S.T.E.M subject skills in practical applications.

  • Increase students’ confidence and ability to form opinions, make choices, communicate, compromise, plan, debate, speak publicly, and respond constructively to advice.

  • Understand a social venture business model: using business for social change.

  • To introduce expert professionals with industry experience and allow students to explore pathways into publishing and the wide range of employment opportunities.

  • To produce a quality enterprise learning experience.


  • Prices start at £600 plus VAT for a single class in schools within South London.

  • Please contact us as our prices will vary based on travel, the size of your group and the number of your students entitled to Pupil Premium.

  • We know that budgets are tight, so please think about the cross-curricular benefits and consider sharing the cost across subject budgets.


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