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Two books in one. Enjoy them on their own, then read them side-by-side to see the full story. Belle and Grandpa are the best of friends.

But Mum says Grandpa Jack can't come to visit for a while, and everything is different. Belle lives with her family in the city. Grandpa Jack lives alone in the snowy mountains.

Being apart is hard - they miss each other more than anything. When a teddy bear from Grandpa Jack arrives to keep Belle safe, it means the whole world to her. But Belle worries about her Grandpa.

Will he be okay? And when will they be together again? Opening the book reveals two books inside: one that follows Belle in the city, and another that shows us Grandpa Jack in the snowy mountains. The beautifully illustrated stories can be read on their own as well as side-by-side. We'll Be Together Again is a unique reading experience and a heart-warming story for anyone who knows how it feels to be separated from their loved ones.

We'll Be Together Again - Lucy Menzies

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