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This exciting activity book for kids has over 250 ideas to keep them entertained and screen-free! Includes everything you need to play checkers, chess, and more! Way more. Whether it's a rainy day or a sunny afternoon, you'll find plenty to make, play, and do. There's something in it for everyone.

A good balance of creative and outdoor activities in one huge illustrated guide with board games included. With everything from writing a story to creating your own obstacle course or making paper aeroplanes to recycling, you'll be hard-pressed to find a child who can't find something to enjoy in this kids book. Packed with fun facts and rainy (or not so rainy) day activities, it's the perfect boredom buster for screen-free, on-the-go entertainment, nurturing children's natural curiosity and imagination.

While there are activities that might require purchasing some craft supplies, plenty only require your imagination or things that you can find around the house or garden. What's great is that it's designed to encourage children to put their own spin on anything they try in some way or another. What sets this educational book apart is the box at the back with everything you need to play checkers, chess and snakes-and-ladders.

The playing pieces are made from card, and you get to build the dice yourself. Some activities require an adult to join in on the fun, but overall, it gives a lot of freedom and gender-neutral fun. Get creative and even dramatic to build confidence and bust boredom in many different ways.

Unlock Your Imagination : 250 Boredom Busters

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