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Book 3 in the laugh-out-loud detective series - printed with fun coloured sprayed edges!Stolen bicycles? Days before the new skate park opens? This needs investigating. This looks like a case for Mina Mistry. Summer is here, school is out and there's ...

nothing to do?! Since grown-ups invaded the skating rink, there's nowhere for Mina's friends to hang out. Luckily, a high-stakes competition is about to mark the opening of a new skate park. As everyone gets weirdly intense about it, Mina faces a string of mysteries.

Who stole her cousins' new bikes? What does Gareth Trumpshaw want? And who keeps levitating past her window?About the Mina Mistry Investigates series:Introducing Mina Mistry, witty schoolgirl detective and soon-to-be Private Investigator. Mina Mistry Investigates is a fun detective series packed with comic-style illustrations and mystery-solving throughout.

Mina Mistry Investigates: The Case of the Bicycle Thief - Angie Lake

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