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A riotous and heart-warming middle grade comedy full of llamas and lols, celebrating the things that make us different.


Yasmin is starting secondary school soon - and her talking toy best friend Levi is well excited about it! They'll get to continue their Guardian Llama missions to help kids with their problems, just like how Levi helped Yasmin find her voice. Secretly though, Yasmin is worried that people will think she's weird for carrying a toy llama around, and maybe it isn't the best idea for Levi to come with her .

. . But with a family seaside holiday promising lots of beachside thrills to distract her, Yasmin is ready to have fun with Levi and her (human) best friend Ezra.

Except something's up with Yasmin's cousin Omar and soon, finding out what - turns out to be one of Yasmin and Levi's toughest missions yet. Another hilarious adventure full of drama and dodgems - and along the way, Yasmin learns she's not the only one who's worried about being weird!

Llama on Holiday - Annabelle Sami

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