A celebration of the lives and achievements of inspirational black people through history who made a difference. Sporting Heroes hails the huge contribution of black sportspeople and athletes to the world of sports. From Jesse Owens to Nicola Adams, they have sprinted, kicked, fought and shot their way to glory, breaking down barriers and defeating prejudices along the way with their sheer talent and resilience. Black Stories Matter is a powerful illustrated collection of stories of inspiring black personalities through history.

Perfect for readers aged 9 and above.  Main biographies: Nicola Adams, Usain Bolt, Cathy Freeman, Pele, Ade Adepitan, Simone Biles, Jesse Owens, Serena Williams, Mo Farah, Muhammad Ali. Mini biographies: Alia Atkinson, Arthur Ashe, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Michael Jordan, Charlie Sifford, Brian Lara, Isabelle Sambou, Sheryl Swoopes. 

Black Stories Matter: Sporting Heroes