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A celebration of the lives and achievements of inspirational black people through history who made a difference. Black Stories Matter: Groundbreaking Scientists explores the important contributions that black people have made to the field of science throughout history, as well as today. From astronomer and inventor Benjamin Banneker to agricultural science pioneer Dr Segenet Kelemu and father of the internet Philip Emeagwali, each has enriched our knowledge of the scientific world with their sheer talent and resilience. Black Stories Matter is a powerful illustrated collection of stories of inspiring black personalities through history.

Perfect for readers aged 9 and above. Main biographies: Benjamin Banneker, George Washington Carver, Bessie Coleman, Kenneth & Mamie Clark, Philip Emeagwali, Mae Jamison, Dr Segenet Kelemu, Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Mary Seacole, Daniel Hale Williams. Mini biographies: Marie Maynard Daly, Dr Alan Goffe, Ernest E Just,  Wangari Maathai, Jesse Russell, Sr David Unaipon, Rachel Watkins, and Gladys West. 

Black Stories Matter: Groundbreaking Scientists

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