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Cambridge social ventures


Moon Lane Ink has grown out of Tales on Moon Lane, an award-winning children’s bookshop in London. Moon Lane Ink extends their focus into secondary education, utilising peer recommendation and student run pop-up bookshop enterprise days to promote business skills and reading for pleasure. They act as a bridge between schools and publishing to develop practical approaches to addressing the need for greater inclusivity in the UK publishing industry.


Tamara Macfarlane set up Tales on Moon Lane 14 years ago to promote reading for pleasure. She combines the shop, children’s literary festivals and educational support with being a children’s author. The Moon Lane team comes from across the world, combining educational expertise with unrivalled children’s book knowledge.  


Moon Lane Ink believe that the lack of diversity in UK publishing is leading to a singular dominant voice in the cultural conversation; limiting empathy, understanding, integration and social mobility. They aim to address this by bridging the gap between schools and publishing in order to support students from a greater range of backgrounds into careers in publishing.

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