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Categories and Subscription length

We will prompt you for the age of the recipient, and as much or little as you know about their interests and/or favourite books via the text box on the product page. The team here at Moon Lane Books will use our expertise to personally select books matched to the age and interests of the recipient.


We offer 3 and 6 month subscriptions, of one book per month, in these categories:

subscription.picture books.ratio.png
subscription.chapter books.ratio.png
subscription.youngadult books.ratio.png
subscription.grownup books.ratio.png

What do I get?

Each month, one beautifully gift wrapped paperback book will wing its way to the subscriber, with few little bonus goodies such as hot chocolate sachets, snacks and bookmarks to enjoy.


As you would expect from Moon Lane Books, we will carry through our ethos of championing diversity and inclusion, ensuring authors and protagonists from a wide range of backgrounds are well represented amongst our suggestions.

How do I purchase a subscription?

Simply go to our online shop and select the subscription button. You will be able to choose the duration and category of the subscription, and will be asked for some information to help us pick the perfect book match.


We will send you a special subscription gift card with all the relevant details for you to wrap up and gift. These will also be available to purchase directly from us in the shop.


The price will include postage, but if the books will be picked up in-store, we can supply a discount code which will deduct the postage cost from your order.

What if they already have the book?

To avoid duplicating books the subscriber may already own, they will be sent details of their own personalised page on our website each month, where they can chose one of three suggestions.


Selections are to be made by the 20th of the month before the subscription is sent out, and we will post books out at the beginning of the subscription month. If you forget or want the books to be a complete surprise, we are very happy to make the final selection on your behalf.


We are delighted to be offering a new subscription service, which will allow you to give the gift of one book every month, either to yourself or another lucky bookworm! 

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