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The first DIY night light kit that is a dream come true! Kids won't be afraid of the dark after making their very own night light. This DIY night light kit comes with four different backgrounds, five landscapes, and over fifty transparent punch-outs that can be mixed and matched to create 3D scenes that glow at night. It's surely a dream come true! Note: 3 AAA batteries not included.

Start by assembling the base then create a scene by using the included landscapes and punch-outs. Put it all together and top it off with one of three projection discs. What You Get 25-page idea book of detailed instructions, brightly-colored images, and loads of inspiration.

1 battery-powered LED light unit. 2 mylar cylinders. Plastic base.

Plastic cap. 4 backgrounds. 5 landscapes.

3 die-cut projection discs. 50 die-cut spot art. Foam tape.

The built-in timer will automatically turn off the night light after eight minutes. What You Can Make A keepsake night light that can be redesigned and reused over and over. Choose from the following themes or mix and match! Ocean, Fantasy City, and Dinosaurs 

My Little Night Light

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