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Success is acrucial part of being human. But what ifsociety thought success and aspiration didn't apply to you?


A human rights campaigner.

A critically acclaimed actor. A civil rights activist. A singer-songwriter.

A Paralympian and elite swimmer. A fine artist. An award-winning filmmaker and drag artist.

An elected UK mayor. These professionals have achieved astounding and awe-inspiring success. They've won national accolades in competitive fields such as film, theatre, music, fine art, campaigning and politics...

and like 1.5 million people in the UK today, they all also happen to have a learning disability. In Made Possible, these eight remarkable individuals present their authentic experiences - in their own words - and show us what society misses out on by overlooking them, pitying them, patronising them, simply tolerating them and labelling them in terms of their conditions. Edited by social affairs journalist Saba Salman, this collection of groundbreaking and illuminating essays shatters preconceptions and offers a glimpse of the many types of success that can be achieved by people with a learning disability.

Crucially, it reveals how people can make invaluable contributions to society when their potential is acknowledged and supported by those around them.

Made Possible : Stories of success by people with learning disabilities - in the

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