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Great Lives in Graphics reimagines the lives of extraordinary people in vivid technicolour, presenting 250+ fascinating facts in a new and exciting way.


You may already know that Anne Frank wrote a diary, but did you know she had a pet cat called Moortje? Or that another cat called Mouschi lived with her in hiding? This graphic retelling of Anne's story gives children a visual snapshot of her life and the world she grew up in, while educating them on everything from World War II to the dangers of prejudice. The 'Great Lives in Graphics' series is a new way of looking at the lives of famous and influential people.


A genuinely engaging way to explore great lives. Aimed at children and young adults aged 8 to 12. Conveys the life of a notable figure in an accessible and fun way. Fact-packed infographics capture the key information about each person's life and work. 

Great Lives in Graphics: Anne Frank

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