Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race

By Rachel (local to the shop)

I must start by saying I’m a white woman and mother of a beautiful dual heritage Nigerian and English boy , my husband and I do our best to bring him up with a lot of love but also understanding that when he leaves our house he must remember that although he has great value and a lot to bring to the table not everyone will appreciate and value him the way we do and although he can work hard and do his best there is always the possibility that it will not always be enough. But we also ensure that he knows that just because people will oppress, oppose and target you at times that is why it is even more important you continue to do right and challenge injustices in the best possible and most positive way you can. This book has really opened my eyes moreso to social prejudices and this country's structurally and institutionally racist system that although I was unconsciously aware of I didn't understand was so entrenched in today's society we ( those of us who aren't directly affected by it) are often ignorant of it whether wilfully so or not. I believe this book should be used as a tool to begin and encourage a much needed conversation on race this includes and especially so in schools I have had a few conversations with young adults/teenagers who have expressed frustration that the issues stated are not taught and debated in schools but are largely ignored. I really like how the author has used factual evidence with an accessible bibliography and references, to enable you to research each point in more detail. Also this is not a book to marginalize or suppress white people to the benefit of black people but it is an information and fact based historical account of the structural suppression and oppression of black people more often than not as a result of a fear of the unknown. It must also be stated that this book contains discussions with others whose opinions both support this school of thought and oppose it entirely. I think this book is a essential read for anyone trying to understand the daily and historical struggle and injustice faced by black communities people in our society/system and we should use this understanding to challenge these injustices on a daily basis wherever possible. It can be heart-breaking to read about the many targeted attempts to remove people from British society because of the colour of their skin and the measures some people will go to, to achieve this purpose. A must read and totally 5 star worthy.

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