What Sunny Saw in the Flames

By Rachel, local to the shop

This book is a truly good read it is written from the main character Sunny's (an albino Nigerian American) point of view and is basically a story of how at first she is looking at a candle flame when something in the flame catches her eye (the end of the world). She then makes friend with a boy (Orlu) that helps her when she gets jumped at school by Jibaku who bullies her because she’s albino and an American. Following that she finds out through him and his friend Chichi that she is a leopard person (a person who can do magic/ juju) and has to discover not only what her abilities are but also rediscover herself whilst keeping all of this a secret from her family. Also she must work on her skills and controlling them along with Sunny Chichi Orlu and Sasha-an American Nigerian who has been sent back to Nigeria to stop him getting into trouble- so that as a group can stop the end of the world.

The book is written in both English and broken/pidgin English with some igbo words used but it is fairly easy to understand although the written pidgin some people may not understand. It sometimes can be confusing to see who’s perspective it is written from although this doesn’t really distract you from the story. There is no unnecessary bad language that I can spot and she has dealt with all the different issues the character faces well. Also it is written in a way that you feel the character and is authentic in a cultural sense and accurate.

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