The Girl in the Broken Mirror

By Rachel, local to the shop

This is an all too familiar tale nowadays but the author really seems to have spent time ensuring it was written in a sensitive but also thought provoking way. I don’t feel there is any unnecessary bad language and certainly didn’t notice any at all. I think she has ensured that it is written in a way that even though she is writing about a horrific act of violence on a child she has been careful to make the outlining of the incident appropriate to her audiences innocence and understanding. The way in which she has showed the gradually increasing dip of depression that Jay suffered from after the incident and her long climb back to herself. With all that said when you read this book you can see Jay as she is and feel her speaking out from the pages of this book, it is such an authentic novel in its descriptions of her culture and the restrictions that are placed upon Jay as a result. I would have liked it to continue to go through the trial and show how her family and Matt support her through it and I am unsure whether the description of her attempting suicide might be slightly too descriptive. However again that description has been toned done without lessening the impact or importance of what she almost did. This is a truly heart rending story but definitely worth the read and I could not put it down but when I did I always felt drawn back to it until I finished it. Truly moving story with a accurate and believable ending with a gradual move towards hope and the fact that there can be a future even after something as bad as rape. Also good book to start a conversation about rape and the possibility of the future afterwards. I would definitely recommend to friends and it reminds people that they are not alone and can still have a future and a life afterwards. 5 star read.

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