Children of Blood and Bone

By Rachel, local to the shop

Firstly let me just say before reading this book I was very sceptical especially with the fact that this on the surface seems to be another book about magic, but from the minute I picked up this book I came to understand that this had nothing to do with magic but ultimately the power of a people cruelly wiped out over fear and their struggle to survive. I have to say I absolutely loved this book the depth of Zélie’s struggle to overcome the horrific torture of her people for nothing more than being classed as different and to be feared and then her struggle with Inan the Prince and of course how she must deal with the feelings she has over Amari the girl who’s father committed such an atrocity on her people but who wants to help her bring back magic. I love how this book is more than just page deep but touches on the struggles that a lot of people suffer through today especially those within the black community who are daily facing racism and discrimination because of something over which that had no choice and cannot change. Zélie’s story will literally tear you in two to see her constant hope of a better future but the ultimate sacrifice she must give to achieve that future. Tomi’s writing is such that it draws you in from the cover and leaves you wanting the next chapter even on the very last page. I myself am eagerly awaiting the next instalment of children of blood and bone. An utterly thought provoking and heart wrenching story from start to finish.

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